The history of the restaurant Ö Magazin started in Portofino on 1991. In that year, a young Emilia decided to open her own restaurant, in a place where was present an American Bar till that moment.

On 1991, the place was completely renovated and named: ö Magazin, which in local dialect means “warehouse”. Indeed, in the past the premise of the restaurant was the warehouse where the family, composed mainly by fishermen, put the necessary equipment and the nets. After some years Simona, the younger sister of Emilia, joined the restaurant.

Over the time several changes occurred in the restaurant layout, both inside and outside, representing the personality of the owners: continuous renovation.

What has never changed is the philosophy of the restaurant: since the beginning the aim was to avoid to offer a “touristic” restaurant – a choice which would be probably easier in a place like Portofino. On the contrary, the choice of Ö Magazin has always been and always will be to offer quality: the dishes reflect the local traditions, based on products and raw materials of the highest level and freshness. It is crucial when the main raw material used is fish. The latter is daily bought in Santa Margherita Ligure, 5 km far from Portofino, or by local fishermen in Portofino (Prawns, Sea bass, Sea bream and other). According to seasonality, it is even possible to find the very tasting and rare Lobsters of Portofino.

For this reasons the Ö Magazin menù is never the same, according to seasonality and availability of the best products. All dishes are prepared at the moment (we do not prepare any basis in advance), in order to intensify the fresh products tasting and to satisfy all changes required by the customers.

Since the beginning the aim was to not offer a “touristic” restaurant – a choice which would be probably easier in a place like Portofino.